Care for Sick and Injured Pets

We serve clients on a walk-in basis as well as offering limited morning appointments.

We begin seeing walk-in visits at 10am (Monday - Saturday). You may check-in for your visit as early as 8:30am and wait to be seen. *If the wait is over 3 hours we willl not check in any more patients*

We will continue to see patients until 6:30pm (Monday - Tuesday), until 5pm (Wednesday - Thursday), until 3:30pm on Friday, and until 1pm on Saturday. 


Dog with toothbrushDid you know that pets require routine dental care in the same way people do?

February is National Pet Dental Health Month which is why we're offering 20% off all dental cleanings throughout the month of February. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (216) 771-4414.

* Discount excludes blood work and medication and does not extend to any other dental work and/or procedures.

We are happy to announce that our clinic was recently named one of the top three veterinary clinics in the Cleveland area by Three Best Rated.

We're grateful for this recognition and we want to thank all of our dedicated and supportive doctors and staff members for making things like this possible. We're so lucky to have the clients and patients that we do and we will continue to do our very best to serve them every day.

Help Find Bella the Boxer Facebook pageWhen Bella the boxer ran away from home, social media in the Tremont area erupted in a campaign to find the lost canine. Becca Riker, who works at Bella's doggie daycare, Mutt Hutt, created the "Help Find Bella the Boxer" Facebook page, and residents instantly joined the hunt.

Ultimately, Bella was found by a man walking his dogs. He had recently seen our Facebook share of the Find Bella page and knew the dog was lost. We are so glad Bella is safe and that we were able to help in the effort. Great job everyone!